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Brian Beckcom
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Benzene And Butadiene Was Released Into The Air Yesterday In Port Arthur, TX!

According to the National Response Center, a call was made that said Benzene and Butadiene was released accidentally in to the air from Flint Hills Resources.

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Brian Beckcom
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The fire at the LyondellBasell chemical plant refinery near Pasadena TX this past fall and the fire a few weeks ago at the Enterprise Products petroleum plant in Mont Belvieu may have residents in Pasadena and other nearby towns wondering if they know enough about the dangers of chemical plant fires.


  1. If a chemical plant goes up in flames, the resulting smoke can carry toxins from whatever chemicals were being processed at the plant.  These chemicals can cause breathing and lung problems, as well as other issues depending on the chemicals.
  2. Fires at a chemical plant can spread, affecting nearby homes, buildings or trees, harming workers and nearby residents.
  3. Because many chemicals are volatile, explosions can happen at a chemical plant, which can spread toxic gases and particles into the surrounding environment.
  4. Chemicals released in a chemical plant fire or explosion can get into local soil and groundwater, potentially making residents sick for years.


If you or someone in your family worked in a chemical plant that experienced a fire or explosion, or if you live near a chemical plant and are suffering injuries or property damage from a fire or explosion, there is help available.  Please contact our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers who have experience with major fire cases, burn and smoke inhalation injuries, and fire-related workplace injuries.

Category: Keyword Search: chemical plant