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Brian Beckcom
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Houston Personal Injury Lawyer mourns children killed in daycare fire

Three children are dead and four others injured in a tragic home daycare fire that seriously burned some of the children. The fire started in the kitchen of a

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Brian Beckcom
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Burn injuries – they are horrifying to experience and very painful to recover from.  You may feel frustrated, angry and lost at what you can do to recover physically, emotionally and financially after a bad accident.  However, if somebody else was responsible for your accident, or if a negligent company or employer is at fault, you need to hold them accountable.


  • Burned in a Texas car wreck?  The driver who caused the accident is responsible.  Their insurance company should pay for your medical bills, compensate you for your injuries, and repay any wages you lose from being unable to work.
  • Burned in an on-the-job accident in Texas?  Thanks to federal and state workers’ compensation provisions, your employer’s insurance company will pay for your medical care.  Keep in mind that you should see your own, independent doctor after a workplace accident – not a doctor on your employer’s payroll.
  • Burned by an unsafe product or household appliance?  The manufacturer who made the defective device, the company that created the unsafe design, or the company that distributed or sold it can be held responsible.  A good unsafe product attorney can help you understand your rights and maximize your compensation after a defective product burn accident.
  • Burned because somebody’s property was not safe?  If you were on private or public property when you were burned, you may be able to hold the property owner responsible for your injuries.  If there was a known safety issue or if proper maintenance was not done then you may be owed compensation for your injuries.


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Category: Keyword Search: burn injuries

Brian Beckcom
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Burn injuries can leave Texas accident victims with internal injuries and external damage that can affect the way they look and the way they feel about themselves.  One of the most difficult types of injuries to recover from is a facial burn, which can leave victims embarrassed to go out in public.  Facial burns can also lead to long-term pain and difficulty doing basic things like blink, eat, smell, and more.


However, the prognosis and quality of life for Texas burn victims improves as our medical technology improves.  Case in point, a Texas accident victim who suffered terrible burns that resulted in him losing his entire face.   Not long ago this man, Dallas C. Wiens, became eligible for a novel treatment – a full face transplant.


Cutting edge medical technology does not just save lives, it can make them better


Face transplants are a very new type of surgery, first done in France in 2006.  Only about a dozen have ever been performed across the globe, and only two medical centers in the U.S. perform this type of novel, cutting edge surgery.  Wiens will be the third American to undergo this surgery.


The cost of Wiens surgery is being underwritten by the Department of Defense, as they hope to one day be able to offer this type of surgery to soldiers with severe facial burns.  We wish his doctors great success and Wiens a speedy recovery, as they blaze a medical trail that will give hopes to burn victims across the world suffering from similar injuries.


Suffering from a painful or disfiguring burn injury?  Please don’t suffer alone – let our skilled burn injury accident lawyers help you get the compensation you will need to help you move forward with your life.

Category: Keyword Search: burn injuries