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Our Truck Accident Lawyer's Top 10 Resources for Truck Accident Victims

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


When you or a loved one has been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, time is not on your side. You need to work with a Texas truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance adjusters and trucking companies get to work immediately and are trained to make your claim disappear. They may encourage you to provide recorded statements or sign paperwork that will only hurt your case and could prevent you from ever getting the compensation you’re owed.

Our Texas truck accident lawyers understand the burden that you and your family feel after a truck accident. We try to not only act as legal counsel, but also as a resource to provide you with the information that you may need to understand your circumstance. We have gathered our top ten resources to help you through your truck accident case:

  1. 5 common tricks trucking companies use against truck accident victims
    • Trucking companies won't play fair when you get hurt as a result of their negligence. The trucking company, their insurance, and their lawyers will try to protect their bottom line at all costs. In case after case, we see trucking companies use the same five tricks over and over again to try to avoid paying you a dime. 
  2. Why insurance policies for commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are higher
    • Insurance policies for commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are higher than the policies we get as regular drivers because these drivers and companies have a legal obligation to be highly trained in safe driving practices.
  3. Top 5 causes of 18-wheeler crashes
    • Sharing the road with 18-wheelers and large commercial trucks can make even a seasoned driver a bit uneasy. Most drivers are scared of getting hit, and for many of us, even the thought of an 18-wheeler accident is enough to make us change lanes.
  4. Truck accident settlement calculator
    • Have you ever wondered how settlement amounts in injury claims are determined? When it comes to 18-wheeler and big truck accidents, many people say something like, "you'll get three times the medical bills," which is NOT true.
  5. When should you contact a truck accident lawyer after a car or truck accident?
    • Not every fender bender requires the help of a lawyer, but it is important to understand when to contact a lawyer. If you are not sure, read our blog or contact a lawyer immediately after an accident for confirmation. You deserve the best truck accident lawyer after an accident, and at VB Attorneys, our truck accident lawyers are here to help.
  6. Eight Ways Trucking Companies Cheat Safety Rules 
    • Trucking companies are not focused on safety. In many cases they are focused on making as much money as possible, and that infringes on the safety of their drivers as well as other drivers on the road.
  7. TX House Bill Positioned To Shield Big Truck Companies From Liability
    • A new Texas bill known as HB 19 has recently been filed, and if passed, its ramifications will further endanger the lives of Texas motorists. This legislation gives truck companies fewer incentives to uphold their current safety standards. While trucking companies and lobbyists push to pass legislation that relaxes safety measures, Texas continues to be the most dangerous place in the country for big truck accidents.
  8. Can I Fire my Car or Truck Accident Lawyer?
    • If you begin working with a truck accident lawyer who is not committed to helping you, you have options. Our truck accident lawyers have worked with several clients who were not being served properly by their lawyer and we worked with them to determine their best course of action.
  9. How a Shortage of Truck Drivers Is Leading to an Increase in Trucking Accidents
    • While truck drivers' median age hovers around 50, most trucking companies are struggling to hire new drivers. Millennials and Gen Zs are simply unwilling to work long hours for a job that pays on average some $40,000 a year. Meanwhile, the shortage of qualified truck drivers is impacting the safety of our roads.
  10. Houston leads the nation in fatal crashes
    • Did you know that the city of Houston leads the nation in fatal car crashes? Our truck accident lawyers reviewed 16-years of federal highway data which revealed that Houston is the most deadly major metro area in the nation for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


Did You Know?

  1. Transportation accidents are the main cause of fatal work injuries- and they are fatal for other drivers on the road
    • Did you know that Texas leads the nation for fatal work accidents? More importantly, transportation accidents are maintained as the leading cause of fatal work injuries. Each year, new data is released about work injuries and deaths. These statistics are an important source of information about dangerous industries but are often overlooked by the general public.
  2. Several Truck Companies Have Reputations for Unsafe 
    • Has a CenterPoint Energy Driver injured you? We Can Help.
      • Companies such as CenterPoint Energy encourage their drivers to drive while distracted to increase their productivity. They are a multi-billion dollar utility service company that manages thousands of employees. Unfortunately, their service vehicles have been the source of several car, truck, and pedestrian accidents.
    • Amazon  Disregards the Human Cost of Fast & Free Shipping
      • Fast and free shipping is awesome but sometimes comes at a cost that is detrimental to society.
    • FedEx Truck Accidents
      • Like most trucking companies, FedEx is focused on their bottom line. Do not underestimate the power of their legal team. Our truck accident lawyers will be able to guide you through your claim if you have been injured.

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At VB Attorneys, our truck accident lawyers value our client’s wellbeing. When we work with you on your truck accident case, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to get you the care and compensation that you deserve. To learn more about how we have helped injured victims, visit our Testimonials page.

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