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Ralph Coffman Oil Rig

Large Settlement Secured for Injured Roustabout against Prime Ocean & Valaris

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


Our client, a roustabout working for Prime Ocean, suffered severe injuries while working aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. At the time of the incident, our client was securing a hatch on the second level of the rig when he slipped and fell 12 feet into a hole on the main deck. Despite safety protocols calling for barriers around such openings, none were in place. As a result of the fall, he sustained significant injuries to his wrist and ribs. 

The Case

This Jones Act case focused on the negligence of Valaris and Prime Ocean. Prime Ocean is the company he worked for, Valaris owned and operated the oil rig he was stationed on. These companies are responsible for maintaining a safe working environment aboard the rig. The lack of protective barriers around the hole where our client fell was a violation of safety standards. This negligence directly contributed to his life-altering injuries.


VB Attorneys was able to secure a substantial settlement on behalf of the injured roustabout. The success of this case shows the efforts and dedication of our team in advocating for his rights and pursuing the compensation he deserved.

Client’s Well-being

Throughout the ordeal, our client demonstrated great strength and resilience. While the healing process was challenging, his positive attitude served as a testament to his character. 

We wish him the best on his road to recovery.

Our Jones Act Attorneys Are On Standby 

At VB Attorneys, we prioritize the well-being of our clients and constantly advocate for their rights in the pursuit of fair compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured at sea, call us today at (713) 224-7800.

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