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Jack-Up Rig

The Dangers of Working on a Jack-Up Rig

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


Jack-up rigs are crucial for offshore oil drilling operations. Working on a jack-up rig, offshore platform, and semi-submersible rig is incredibly dangerous, and jack-up rig workers frequently receive serious injuries.

If you have been injured on a jack-up rig, it is crucial that you receive the proper care. Your injury may require time-sensitive treatment and time off of work.

Tankermen Jack-up rigs are difficult to set up and attach to the ocean floor, at levels up to 300 feet deep. The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations details specific guidelines for the installation of jack-up rigs to ensure they are safe for use. Jack up rigs are able to be moved, which enables them to play a key role in servicing structures such as offshore wind turbines, long bridges, and drilling platforms.

The intricate machinery used to install and maintain a jack-up rig must be closely monitored to ensure workers remain safe while on and around the rig. Serious injuries are unfortunately common on jack-up rigs, given their treacherous location and the demanding responsibilities of jack-up rig workers. Some common accidents include:

  • Getting crushed by equipment
  • Being struck by swinging loads
  • Electrical dangers with hoisting equipment
  • Slips and falls

If you are a jack-up rig worker and have been involved in a serious injury, you must seek immediate assistance. Jack-up rigs are extremely hazardous work environments and jack-up rig workers are frequently put into dangerous situations. When you have been injured on a jack-up rig, your employer may not be focused on your health, but rather will focus on the health of the company.

You must seek immediate medical attention after an injury on a jack-up rig to ensure that your injury is documented and properly treated. If you have visited your company doctor, you will likely need a second opinion. They are employed by the company and they are going to do what is best for the company.

We are here to help.

We have experience working with injured jack-up rig workers and we will fight for your rights. At VB Attorneys, we have an extensive maritime practice and offshore practice. We believe that every worker deserves proper care, attention, and compensation. We are here to fight for those who have been mistreated. Contact our experienced attorneys today. We will fight for your rights.