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Trampoline park injury lawsuit

Yet Another Child Injured at a Trampoline Park

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


Our team at VB Attorneys has been hired by a mother whose daughter was injured at a local trampoline park in Georgia. Our client’s daughter was at a trampoline park with her best friend when she fell several feet through a faulty guardrail. Her thirteen-year-old daughter suffered from multiple injuries, including a severe concussion. 

VB Attorneys investigates trampoline park injury

According to our team’s preliminary investigation, our client’s daughter was standing next to a trampoline waiting for a group of children to pass by when she lost her balance. In an effort to maintain her balance, she reached for the nearby guardrail that was intended to keep children inside the trampoline play area but instead, she fell through a flimsy and poorly maintained chain-link fence. She fell several feet onto the concrete floor. 

Upon further inspection, our team has uncovered several safety violations on behalf of the trampoline park. Below are the trampoline park safety violations that have been identified at this time:

  • Failure to maintain safety equipment (i.e., faulty guardrail); 
  • Failure to provide adequate safety instructions to children; 
  • Failure to appropriately supervise children; 
  • And an inability to accommodate crowds and capacity.

Meanwhile, trampoline park staff and supervisors were nowhere to be found. After the incident, supervisors at the trampoline park admitted to being understaffed. Our team at VB Attorneys continues to investigate the negligence claims against the trampoline park. However, our immediate priority is taking care of our clients and ensuring that they receive all the medical attention they need. 

Trampoline park dangers

There’s no question that trampoline parks are rising in popularity across the United States. Unfortunately, the rise in popularity has also increased the number of injuries and, in some cases, even deaths at trampoline parks. The risk of injury at trampoline parks has become such a growing concern that even lawmakers are fighting to enact laws that would make parks safer for the public. 

While lawmakers make sluggish demands for greater oversight and more frequent safety inspections, children are being injured every day. You may be wondering, “what makes trampoline parks so dangerous?”. For starters, trampolines were engineered to be used by athletes, not children. Furthermore, trampolines were designed for single jumpers, not dozens of children. Click here for more information about trampoline park dangers and tips to avoid being injured.  

Trampoline park lawsuits

The bottom line is that trampoline parks have a duty to protect users from harm. If one of your children or loved ones has been injured at a trampoline park, the time to act is now. Trampoline parks and other jump facilities will do whatever it takes to avoid liability. An experienced attorney can help you preserve evidence, get medical treatment, and secure the compensation you deserve. Click here for a free and confidential case evaluation.