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Tyson Foods Settles Workplace Injury Lawsuit

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


Life-Altering Injuries

Terri was a single mother working hard to support her family. She was working as a Refrigeration Technician for Tyson foods in Center, Texas when she suffered multiple injuries as a result of Tyson’s negligence. Her injuries left her with enormous medical bills and unable to work. 

As a Refrigeration Technician, she worked long days with little time off. Her days would begin early at six in the morning and she would often work until late in the evening. Terri was in charge of cleaning compressors, watching for leaks, and painting. A large part of Terri’s job took place on the roof because much of the refrigeration and cooling equipment is located on the roof of the facility.  

Unsafe Working Conditions at Tyson’s Facility 

On the day of her injury, Terri was on the roof to handle a painting job when both of her feet slipped out from under her and she hit her head on a nearby pipe. Terri had slipped on a bed of algae, breaking her foot and ankle. The impact of her fall was so severe it also led to a bulged disc in her back. 

Both Terri and her coworkers at the Tyson plant had warned their supervisors about the unsafe conditions on more than one occasion during their safety meetings but nothing was ever done. 

“There was always water on the roof and it wasn’t always obvious that the floor was wet”. - Terri N. 

The roof of the facility was riddled with wet algae and puddles of rainwater that weren’t always easy to see. There were no warning signs about the slippery conditions anywhere on the premises and despite having knowledge of the unsafe conditions, supervisors at Tyson decided to do nothing at all.

Tyson Lawsuit Lawyers Fought For Justice

Terri’s injuries required two surgeries, many months of physical therapy, and countless sessions of remedial treatments. Because of Tyson’s fake worker’s compensation trap, Terri’s fall had left her hurt, unable to work, and with little to no options. She watched as her medical bills piled up before her eyes. 

Terri contacted VB Attorneys and our team of lawyers fought for proper compensation. Our team worked hard to give Terri a voice and to hold Tyson accountable for their negligence. Terri’s settlement was substantial enough to cover all of her medical bills and provide her family with the financial safety net they desperately needed. 

If you or someone you know was injured while working for Tyson Foods, it is important you contact an experienced team of attorneys to evaluate your claims as you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Please complete this contact form or call our office at (888) 430-0906. Remember, you only pay when we win. VB Attorneys has battled against Tyson Foods many times and we have a winning track record that speaks for itself.