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Injured Engineer Wins Lawsuit against Transocean

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


VB Attorneys litigates and wins cases against giants like Transocean.

In this case against Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc., VB Attorneys represented a 52-year-old maritime worker with 18 years of continuous employment at Transocean. Our client had a long-standing career on Transocean's vessels and aspired to secure higher-ranking positions within the company. This all changed when he suffered a serious back injury while working. 

Here is his story.

The Incident

On September 11, 2020, aboard Transocean's Deepwater Asgard drillship, our client was instructed to close a below-deck valve. In order to reach and turn the valve, he had to kneel down, bend over, and exert significant force. During this, he injured his lower back. These below-deck valves are notoriously hard to turn, and for years prior to his injury, he had been requesting a T-bar to assist.

After the incident, our client reported his injury and sought medical attention. He received treatment through Transocean's designated medical providers, but his condition did not improve. Transocean offered him a settlement, which he initially declined.

The injured worker eventually consulted with a neurosurgeon who recommended back surgery. He had this surgery in October 2022, which left him with significant medical debt and limited career options.

Damages Pursued

VB Attorneys demanded $8,500,000 as a full and final resolution of the case on behalf of our client. Our legal team believed that the negligence of Transocean and the unseaworthiness of their drillship were the primary causes of his injuries. We presented evidence that Transocean failed to provide a reasonably safe workplace, as he did not have the necessary tools to perform the task safely.


After a thorough fight from our team, we secured a large settlement for our client. This victory covered past and future medical expenses, lost income, lost benefits, and non-economic losses. Our client's case is a testament to the legal rights of maritime workers and the responsibility of employers to ensure their safety.

The team was led by Vuk Vujasinovic, one of VB's world-class maritime attorneys, supported by Job, Ro, and Lauren.

Protect Your Rights After a Maritime Injury

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