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Helix Energy Solutions Group faces multiple Jones Act lawsuits

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


Since we filed a Jones Act lawsuit against the company in April 2018, Helix Energy Solutions Group has been sued twice by Jones Act seamen. The oil and gas services company wrote in their 2017 Annual Report that, “Our corporate vision is based on the belief that all incidents should be preventable.”

Except that’s not reality. Anonymous Glassdoor reviews of the company state:

  • “The office has no regard or compassion for its offshore employees.”
  • “Constant safety shortcuts on rigs when needed.”
  • “HSE & Management a joke.”

Our own history with the company supports these reviews. In addition to currently representing a high voltage electrician injured on Helix’s Q4000, we have helped three other injured seamen hold the company accountable for violating the Jones Act.

Lawsuit alleges Helix failed to provide maintenance and cure

One Jones Act violation we see over and over is the failure to provide maintenance and cure. Under the law, companies must pay for your medical care until you have reached maximum medical improvement and pay you a daily living wage if you are hurt working as a Jones Act seaman. One of the lawsuits filed in the past few months alleges Helix failed to provide a seaman with maintenance and cure.

The lawsuit claims Helix has “willfully, wantonly, arbitrarily, and capriciously failed to live up to their maintenance and cure obligations.” As part of his Jones Act claim, the injured seaman is demanding his maintenance and cure be reinstated. He is also asking to be compensated for the maintenance payments they haven’t paid him. This claim is a common part of Jones Act lawsuits, including previous lawsuits we have filed against Helix and its subsidiary, Cal-Dive International.

Systemic safety failures highlighted by lawsuits

These lawsuits indicate that Helix’s safety failures appear to be systemic. We filed our first lawsuit against a subsidiary of the company in 2009. Nearly a decade later, Jones Act lawsuits are being filed over similar safety failures and Jones Act violations.

Call us at 877-724-7800 for a confidential, free consultation if you’ve been hurt working for Helix or a subsidiary. We are uniquely positioned to help maritime workers just like you. We will walk you through what to expect if you pursue a Jones Act claim. We will also help you make an informed decision about your next steps and answer all your questions. Our extensive experience holding this company accountable gives you an advantage.