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Jones Act lawsuit filed against Helix Energy Solutions Group

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


High voltage electrician hires VB Attorneys to file Jones Act lawsuit against Helix Energy Solutions Group

A high voltage electrician who suffered multiple repetitive motion injuries working for Helix Energy Solutions Group has filed a lawsuit against the company. The company has a legal obligation to provide its more than 1,600 employees with a safe workplace. Helix’s website states that the company “embraces Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) responsibilities as core business values.

"The most valuable asset the company has are its people and every effort will be taken to provide a safe place to work…” On the same page, Helix states their “business plans include measurable EHS targets so that everyone who performs work for the company is responsible to help achieve these targets.”

Even though Helix emphasizes safety on its website, the Jones Act requires companies to go beyond safety training. Companies working on the water must provide workers with a safe work environment at all times. The company must legally provide injured workers with medical care and to pay them a daily wage while they recover. If the company fails to follow any of these rules, the worker may be able to file a Jones Act lawsuit against the company.

Our client hired the firm after he suffered multiple repetitive motion injuries working on the Q4000, a semi-submersible rig owned and operated by Helix Energy Solutions Group. The lawsuit we filed in Harris County District Court alleges the semi-submersible rig was unseaworthy and that Helix Energy Solutions Group failed to provide the high voltage electrician a safe place to work.

We have extensive experience working as maritime lawyers to ensure dedicated workers are properly taken care of by their employers. To learn more about this case and how we help maritime workers who suffer repetitive motion injuries hold their companies accountable for safety failures, contact us or call us at 877-724-7800.

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