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maritime lawyer for tugboat accident

Injured Working for a Negligent Tugboat Company? Our Maritime Lawyers Can Help.

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


If you were injured working for a negligent tugboat company, time is of the essence. You have unique rights under the Jones Act, but the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced maritime lawyer.

Tugboat Companies Will Not Advocate on Your Behalf

Tugboats are extremely dangerous vehicles to work on and can cause life-threatening injuries. If the tugboat company is not practicing the safe and required regulations, the tugboat workers could pay the price. Our maritime lawyers have defended innocent tugboat workers that we injured as a result of negligent companies, and then not appropriately cared for.

Like most companies, tugboat companies are only interested in protecting their bottom line. If you get injured as a result of their negligence, they are going to do everything in their power to limit the resources that they have to use. They may act as though they will help you but you can not entrust someone who is motivated to save money and resources.

Maritime Workers Must Be Properly Trained

Marine companies must train employees how to respond to medical emergencies and how to get fellow employees emergency medical care when they need it. Some tugboat companies have a pattern of failing to take any measures to protect employees in any type of medical emergency.

We Have Defended Tugboat Workers Injured by Negligence

We have helped several injured tugboat workers to advocate for their rights. We have noticed as a part of our investigations into the tugboat companies, each one of the companies didn’t have any protocols for food safety. And we already knew the company didn’t train their employees how to respond to emergency medical situations. In fact, a few years ago, we represented another employee of this same company. Our client had an eye infection that caused his eyelids to swell, loosing most of his vision. This infection started during his hitch aboard one of the company’s tugboats. He told the captain right away. The captain and the company made him finish his hitch, then drive a crew van full of employees across Houston in rush-hour traffic. While nearly blind. Instead of calling 911 and having an ambulance pick him up at the nearest dock, the company let him work blind then drive blind – after dropping off the crew, he had to drive himself to a company clinic.

It took our help to get him the right medical care and get most of his vision back. It took our help for him to prove the company had failed to respond appropriately to his medical emergency.

We Are Here to Help

At VB Attorneys, our maritime lawyers understand the complexities that come with being in a tugboat accident. There are only a few law firms that specialize in maritime and offshore injuries and we are one of them. We are here to help the hard working maritime workers when their employers neglect to protect them. If you want an entire team of people dedicated to winning your case, you need to call 877-724-7800 or fill out a request for a consultation.