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"This was life-changing for me. Thank you."

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


When a water truck made an unsafe lane change and hit Isidor's car, Isidor's life changed forever. The wreck left him with a low back injury that affected his ability to do his job and live his life. He turned to a neighbor who happened to be a lawyer for help since he was facing a big company and their insurance company. The lawyer did nothing productive for Isidor, who increasingly felt like the wreck was messing up his whole life. He lost his job because of the wreck and his back wasn't getting any better. He wound up getting back surgery almost a year after the wreck.

Isidor decided he needed a new lawyer. He searched online and contacted us. After meeting with Vuk, he decided to hire us to help him make things right. Vuk got to work right away and was able to help Isidor hold the company accountable for their unsafe driver. The case settled before trial for a confidential amount.

Now, Isidor owns a cell phone repair shop in Houston and has his life back. He sat down with us recently to talk about his experience working with us to get his life back. He says:

"Hi, my name is Isidor. I would like to thank Vuk, Linda, and the rest of the staff cause there was a couple of other staff members that helped me along the way during my hospital visits and everything.

"I would like to tell them that I appreciate everything that they did. This was life-changing for me. And I appreciate this help that you gave me. Thank you.

"What brought me to see Vuk was I got into a real bad car accident a few years ago and I had hired an attorney that I felt wasn't handling my case right. So I did some research and I found Vuk online. It recommended that he was one of the best car accident attorneys  that I can find. So I contacted him.

"He took over my case and I'm more than happy that he actually took over my case. He's actually been guiding me every step along the way. He - even after the case was over - he still keeps in contact with me to make sure everything's fine. I recommend Vuk to anybody and everybody, man. I wish I would have met him sooner.

"Not only did he get me a big, large lump sum for my settlement, but even afterwards, he actually battled the collectors that were after the rest of my - our - money.  And he took care of those cases at no additional charge. And he made sure that all the money I deserve came to me. And I really appreciate for him going that extra mile without charging me or anything extra. Thank you."

Isidor C., businessman hit by an 18-wheeler, Houston, Tx


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