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Twice Injured Tankerman Wins Against Inland Marine Company

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


VB Attorneys recently obtained a significant settlement for our client, who was injured twice while working for a company that operates the largest tank barge fleet in the U.S.

The Incident

Our client, a tankerman, injured his back for the first time during a February freeze in 2021. He felt severe back pain as he pulled up a frozen shoreline on the side of a vessel. Then in September 2022, he injured his back a second time. This time, the pain started after he had pulled at least 8 shorelines. He described feeling a “lock” in his back and pain as he sat down. Photo Credit: towmasters.wordpress.com

Although the company became aware of his injuries, there was evidence of negligence in handling his injuries. 

The Case

Our client suffered severe back injuries, impacting his ability to work. In the months following the first incident, he underwent rehab and took 3 months off to recover. After returning to work, the second injury occurred. Medical reports revealed he had two bulged discs and arthritis in his back. 

VB Attorneys pursued legal action against the marine transportation company. We successfully negotiated a substantial settlement for our client and his family, ensuring compensation for the challenges he faced. We are proud of the outcome and are grateful to have been able to help our client secure justice.

Jones Act Lawyers are Here to Help

Working offshore can be dangerous, as accidents can happen at any time. For that reason, employers need to care for their workers properly. When they don’t, that’s where our experienced legal experts step in. 

If you or someone you know has been injured working offshore, seeking legal assistance from a Jones Act attorney is important. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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