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VB Attorneys Settles Rear-End Collision Case for Maximum Policy Limits

VB Attorneys Settles Rear-End Collision Case for Maximum Policy Limits

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


Our client Audrey was severely injured after being rear-ended by a company-owned Ford F-250 that was towing a loaded trailer at highway speeds. Audrey, twenty-three at the time, suffered from three herniated discs in her neck. An injury that has profoundly impacted her quality of life. VB Attorneys helped Audrey get the medical care she needed and the compensation she deserved. 

Life-altering injuries after tragic rear-end collision

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Audrey was rear-ended by an F-250 hauling a loaded trailer at alarmingly high speeds. Mr. Shaver, an employee of Sportscapers construction company, received a citation for failure to control speed from the investigating police officer. The company truck and trailer (without the weight of the load) was over three times the weight of Audrey’s vehicle. The weight and speed of the company truck resulted in a nearly fatal rear-end collision.

As a bright young college student, Audrey lived an active lifestyle and enjoyed an array of outdoor activities. She was an avid golfer. She loved hiking, bike riding, and shooting guns at outdoor ranges with her husband. Unfortunately, the neck injury she sustained after being rear-ended has made it nearly impossible for her to maintain her active lifestyle. 

Audrey sustained injuries in her neck at three levels, C3-C4, C4-C5, and C5-C6. Before her initial surgery, she underwent many physical therapies, countless trigger point injections, and took various pain medications. Ultimately, a board-certified neurosurgeon performed a 3-level Anterior Cervical Decompression Fusion, with iliac crest bone bank fusion, and micro section cervical planting at C3 to C6. Audrey was planted with three 8mm spacers tricort dual convex; level III reflects hybrid plates 45mm, and fixed angle self-drilling screws.

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Audrey will never be the same as she was before the crash and is likely to require more surgeries in the future. The grim reality is that Audrey will live in pain for the rest of her life.   

Construction company held accountable for gross negligence

Investigations conducted by our office uncovered Mr. Shaver to be a two-time convicted felon. Mr. Shaver was convicted of indecency with a child, a third-degree felony. After serving six years in prison, he failed to register as a sex offender and was convicted of failure to comply with sex offenders’ duty, a state jail felony. Despite knowing Mr. Shaver’s criminal history, Sportscapers entrusted him with their company vehicle to drive around our communities, installing athletic facilities in residential neighborhoods, mostly to homes with children.

Sportscaper’s ineptitude and lack of competency became alarming clear as our investigation continued to develop. Board Certified attorney and founding partner of VB Attorneys Vuk Vujasinovic deposed witnesses and questioned supervisors at Sportscapers. What he found was a complete lack of accountability and a crystal clear case for aggravated liability. 

Supervisors at Sportscapers:

  • Failed to screen or supervise Mr. Shaver
  • Failed to provide adequate safe-driving training
  • Failed to do anything at all to investigate the accident
  • Failed to prepare a single accident report
  • Failed to examine Mr. Shaver’s cell phone records
  • Failed to screen Mr. Shaver for drugs or alcohol

Businesses have a duty to screen and supervise their employees. When companies fail to uphold even the simplest of safety measures, innocent people get seriously injured. VB Attorneys demanded that Sportscapers be held accountable for their negligent hire and poor management.   

VB Attorneys settles rear-end collision for $953,000

Audrey’s life will never be the same; her active lifestyle was ripped away from her, countless doctor’s visits and surgery curbed her college education, and her plans to start a family with her husband have been indefinitely postponed as a result of her neck injury. Vuk Vujasinovic worked hard to help Audrey get the justice she deserved. Vuk and our team settled her rear-end collision case for the maximum insurance policy limits of $953,000. 

This winning settlement will help pay for all of Audrey’s past, present, and future medical bills. 

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Our rear-end collision attorneys can help you

VB Attorneys has over 40 years of experience in personal injury law and has helped countless clients with their rear-end collision accidents. Our team has recovered millions for clients after rear-end collisions. If you or a loved one has been injured after a rear-end collision, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Click here to complete the contact form on our website or call 713-224-7800 to receive your free and confidential case evaluation.