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Le Bouf's Bindery settles worker's hand injury case

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


Le Bouf’s Bindery Inc. in Pearland, Texas, was the site of a horrible workplace accident on April 5, 2006. A teenager working as a helper in the business put his hand in a running paper-binding machine, and part of the machine came down on his left wrist. The left hand was so mangled that it had to be surgically amputated two days later.

The bindery did not participate in workers’ compensation

After hiring Vuk Vujasinovic as his lawyer, the teenager, who is an undocumented immigrant, sued the bindery company in Brazoria County District Court. The plaintiff charged that Le Bouf’s Bindery failed to supervise him. He demanded compensation for past and future medical bills; lost wages; lost earning capacity in the future; past and future pain and suffering; physical impairment; and disfigurement.

The defense claimed that the bindery did provide adequate supervision for the teenager and that he was the sole cause of the injury. The defendant’s attorney also claimed that the amputation wasn’t because of the workplace injuries but rather due to negligent care by the physician treating the teenager.

$1 million dollar umbrella policy was found

Although the bindery originally claimed not to have any relevant insurance coverage, Mr. Vujasinovic discovered a $1 million umbrella policy from Sentry Insurance Co. that applied to this case. Although there was some dispute over whether the bindery had properly maintained insurance coverage, Sentry Insurance ultimately settled the claim and paid the full amount.

$985,000 Settlement