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Houston work accident lawsuit settled against Hoyer Global

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


A company in Pasadena, Texas sent one of its tanker-trailers to Hoyer Global to be cleaned. This tanker was used to transport sulphuric acid. Hoyer Global worked on the tanker and returned it to the company, along with a “Certificate of Cleanliness” indicating it had cleaned the tanker.

An employee of the company that owned the tanker, our client, was working on the tanker after Hoyer Global indicated it was cleaned. As he was doing so, the tanker released some sulphuric acid into both of his eyes.

Our client was immediately injured. He was taken to the hospital right away, where he underwent multiple eye surgeries to get his eyes stabilized. He was ultimately diagnosed with permanent blindness in one eye and permanent partial blindness in the other eye.

Our firm filed our client’s injury lawsuit against Hoyer Global in Harris County, Texas, because the company failed to clean the sulphuric acid out of the tanker before sending it to our client’s company to be worked on. This kind of case is called a “third party” lawsuit.

With several hundred thousand dollars in medical bills, and dealing with permanent disabilities, our client faced a tough road ahead. Part of his claim against Hoyer was for the future medical care he would need. Because his eye injuries were so severe, he would need more medical procedures in the future. As part of proving this claim, we obtained a report from an expert life care planner that calculated his future medical care would go into seven figures. Further, our client was deemed totally and permanently disabled from all future employ due to his eye injuries. He would never be able to provide for his family, be pain-free, or go through his day without needing constant help again.

Client says, “VB Attorneys’ professionalism experience in workplace injuries is second to none.”

Hoyer Global and its attorneys fought the case very hard, denying that this work accident was their fault. We retained work safety experts, and took over twenty depositions in the case, on the issue of both liability and damages.

We settled the case for a confidential amount during a second mediation. Our client was extremely pleased with the result and will receive monthly payments for the rest of his life through a structured annuity. After his case settled, he thanked us for helping him, saying:

“I visited with numerous Law offices and presented my case with no avail from any of them.I nearly gave up and felt I had reached a dead end and the last attorney I talked with actually referred us to VB. Exhausted and frustrated, we decided to give this one more chance and it payed off in a big way. Vuk took our case and went to work!

“When everyone else we dealt with saw no chance, Vuk saw a huge payday, demanded justice and worked relentlessly to make this happen! Words cannot express the thanks and gratefulness that we have for Vuk and his company. His tireless efforts and aggressive style meant the world to us and he changed our lives forever. I will always be loyal and grateful to VB for taking on my case and being committed from the beginning until the end.

“I highly recommend these guys with 100% assuredness that they will work hard for you and help you receive what you deserve! All of their work is done with great detail and determination with a client first mentality! It is my hopes that this letter will help someone else make a great decision and choose VB for their services. Again, Thank you Vuk for all that you have done and we will forever be indebted to you for your services and vision in dealing with our case.”