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VB Attorneys Winter Storm Update & Insurance Claims

VB Attorneys Winter Storm Update & Insurance Claims

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


I wanted to get you a quick update on the status of the firm and client cases during this unprecedented winter storm.

Many of our personnel, including my family, have been hit hard by the weather and ensuing blackouts. My family and I spent three days without power, water, or cell service. As I write this note, I have power restored, plus cell service, and no water yet.

Vuk’s power has been off and on, and he’s experienced some busted pipes.

Most of our other colleagues at the firm have experienced varying levels of power outages, busted pipes, and other major inconveniences.

Nevertheless, I wanted to assure you that VB Attorneys is open (to the extent possible) and continuing to manage and work cases.

We didn’t close for one day during the pandemic and we sure as hell won’t close during a statewide freeze and power outage.

Rest assured, when you selected our law firm for your case, you selected a law firm composed of lawyers and staff that would never quit, for any reason, and that guarantee applies to our clients and their cases as well.

We are here for you. If there’s anything you need from us, right now, the best option is to email Carlos@VBAttorneys.comBrian@VBAttorneys.comPatti@VBAttorneys.com, and Vuk@VBAttorneys.com. One of us will likely receive the message and respond.

Insurance Claims

Also, like me, many of you already know you will have to file insurance claims for the damage to your property, whether it’s your house, your car, or anything else. I know for certain I will have to make an insurance claim for my busted pipes and flooded house.

I have paid my insurance company a lot of money over the years for exactly this type of scenario. I expect my insurance company to honor its promises. You should too. If my insurance company fails to honor its promises, I will not hesitate to sue them in Court. 

To make sure your insurance company does the right thing, please keep the best records and receipts you can, make your insurance claims timely, and if your insurance company refuses to honor its promises to you, call us and we will help. 

Unfortunately, Governor Abbot gets paid by insurance companies to pass laws that help the insurance companies make record profits and hurt you, so it’s harder in Texas to sue insurance companies than it should be. Be smart and be prepared.

Stay warm,

Brian Beckcom & the VB Attorneys’ team