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Vuk Vujasinovic and Team Rank In Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts in Florida for 2023

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


LISTEN: Vuk Vujasinovic and Team Rank In Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts in Florida for 2023


We are delighted to recognize Vuk Vujasinovic and his team for their achievement in securing a place in the Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts in Florida for 2023. The case that earned them this distinguished award, Moak v. Skanska USA Civil SE, Inc., resulted in a verdict of $2,218,000.00.attorney-badge-top-50-personal-injury-verdicts-florida-2023-vuk-vujasinovic

This significant outcome reflects the dedication and expertise of the attorneys involved, including Vuk S. Vujasinovic and Job Tennant of VB Attorneys. Notably, this case stands out as the highest Jones Act verdict in the State of Florida for 2023, the only one on the entire list. The Jones Act, which provides protections for seamen injured while performing their job duties, involves a thorough understanding of maritime law. Securing a top verdict under this act, especially against massive corporations, showcases VB Attorneys’ expertise.

About the Case: Moak v. Skanska

Vuk and his team proudly advocated on behalf of our client, who was severely injured on one of Skanska's ships when an 800-pound headache ball landed on his foot and ankle. Skanska failed to provide proper medical care for our client. Despite offering a settlement of less than $750,000, our attorneys secured a verdict that was three times that amount.

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12.18.58 PMThis case involved a complex legal battle covering multiple areas of law, including Personal Injury, Watercraft Accident, Work Accident, Negligent Tort, Admiralty Law, Jones Act, Maritime Injury, Occupational Injury, and Bodily Injury. 

Congratulations to Vuk and his team for this achievement. Their inclusion in the Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts of 2023 is well-deserved. In addition to being recognized in the Top Verdicts list, Vuk also earned a spot on the Forbes list for “Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Houston, TX Of 2024.

We look forward to seeing more of the positive impact Vuk will continue to make in the legal community.