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Two People Killed in Greyhound Bus Accident on I-65

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


Two people were killed and multiple others injured when a Greyhound bus and an SUV collided on I-65 in northern Indiana Friday afternoon. The two people that died were the only passengers in the SUV that crossed over the median and hit the front of the bus.

The accident was caused when the SUV crossed from the south-bound lanes, over the median, and into the northbound lane. While this accident was not as a result of the direct negligence of Greyhound, they have a track record of failed safety protocols resulting in an abundance of accidents.

At VB Attorneys, we have handled several cases against Greyhound for their negligence. One major cause of their accidents is the fact that Greyhound does not enforce its own fatigue management safety rule. Additionally, when they are involved in bus accidents, they claim to take care of the injured victims but covering hospital bills, yet they do not deliver on their promise.

Greyhound Will Try to Trick You After an Accident

Immediately following a Greyhound bus accident, Greyhound will make all of the passengers fill out a card called a “C-4.” The card calls for information as to how and why the bus crashed, and whether passengers were injured. In a lawsuit about the accident, if the cards contain information helpful to Greyhound, then its lawyers will disclose the documents. However, if the C-4 statements are not beneficial to Greyhound, their bus accident lawyers will try to hide the statements.

Any passengers that indicate that they have an injury, Greyhound insurance specialists will ask for a “recorded statement.” This is usually an extended question and answer session that is specifically designed to make passengers give statements that will hurt their case. We advise those injured in vehicle accidents to not give a recorded statement.

If Greyhound does offer you money to settle your case, do not accept immediately. They are likely offering you an amount that does not amount to what they should properly owe you. Consult your bus accident lawyer before accepting or signing anything. Once you sign a document, you lose any opportunity to explore your options.

Additionally, Greyhound’s legal team will try to use any tricks to delay or prevent your case against them, including: 

  • Greyhound will delay the case every way it can. Greyhound’s lawyers will hire paid experts to say the crash was not the bus driver’s fault — regardless of the evidence — even if the independent investigating officer cites the Greyhound bus driver at fault.
  • Greyhound will hire paid experts to say none of the passengers were injured—no matter what the evidence is — even if independent doctors report otherwise.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a Greyhound bus accident, you need to consult with an experienced bus accident lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Greyhound Try to Avoid Paying Your Medical Bills

Greyhound will make you think they’re going to pay all of your medical bills, no matter what, causing you to think that you do not need to hire a bus accident lawyer. They will claim the prices are too high, that some of the services were unnecessary, and find a ton of other excuses to avoid paying your full hospital bills. At the end of the day, you are left owing perhaps half of your hospital bill—which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars—and Greyhound is prepared to destroy your claim once you hire a bus accident lawyer. 

This situation plays out in the aftermath of every bus crash. Greyhound is a corporate citizen of the State of Texas, and generally if a defendant company is not a citizen of the state where it is sued, Greyhound may move the case to federal court. Federal court is not the best venue for bus accident victims, so it is in your best interest to file your case in state court in Texas.

Our bus accident lawyers have helped several clients with their lawsuits against Greyhound, and we are prepared to help more bus accident victims get the compensation that they deserve. If you feel that your Greyhound bus driver put you in danger, contact our bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.

We Help Innocent Bus Accident Victims

At VB Attorneys, our bus accident lawyers have a winning track record when advocating on behalf of innocent bus accident victims. We do not tolerate the tactics that large bus companies, such as Greyhound, try to use to prevent providing payment to those who need and deserve it. We have an extensive bus accident practice and we are prepared to advocate on your behalf. Contact our bus accident lawyers today.