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Texas A&M Students Hire VB Attorneys for Complaint Against Fraternity For Hazing Injuries

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


VB Attorneys has filed a complaint against the Texas A&M Unversity chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon, or SEA, Fraternity on behalf of two students, claiming they suffered serve chemical burns resulting from multiple hazing activities involving industrial strength cleaning products and paint. 

VB Fights for Victims of Illegal Hazing

Our clients, Patrick C. and Jose F., were college students eager to experience the university to its fullest, including joining a fraternity. They entered the spring 2021 rush for SAE, thinking they were joining a brotherhood, but ended up gravely injured and disillusioned. 

The two students were victims of hazing rituals, illegal in the State of Texas. They were forced to do unspecified physical activities and then moved to the SAE House barn. In the house, the men allege that foreign substances were poured on them, including raw eggs, human spit, paint, food condiments, and worst of all, an industrial strength, high alkaline cleaner which caused severe chemical burns. Both young men underwent emergency skin graft surgery and had permanent physical scarring.

The complaint filed list the following defendants:

  • The Texas Tau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Inc.
  • Austin Marshall*
  • George Jarkesy
  • Dylan Vacek*
  • Ryan Pugh*
  • Andrew Mitchell*
  • Kaleb Snodgrass*
  • Cole Gerletti
  • Jorge Garza*

*listed as current students in A&M's public directory

A&M's Vice President of Marketing & Communication Kelly Brown said that SAE members were notified that the fraternity is suspended for two years, with a two-year  probation to follow.

This is not enough. Vuk Vujasinovic, the plaintiffs' attorney commented in an email to The Battalion, "What happened to Jose and Patrick is truly horrific and no student at Texas A&M, or anywhere in our country, should have to endure what they did," Vujasinovic said in the email. "We are hopeful that through this action we can find out exactly why this occurred, hold accountable all who are responsible, and set a precedent that pledging a college fraternity does not give fraternity organizations and their active members the right to abuse and seriously injure students. This happens way too often and it has to stop now."

Justice For Our Clients

Vuk Vujasinovic is lead counsel for the two students, with Steve Selsberg as co-counsel. We send our children to college hoping for a better future, not permanent and avoidable trauma. Hazing must be put to a stop and VB Attorneys is eager to take on that fight. 

If you have any evidence that could assist us in our fight to hold those responsible accountable, please contact us or call us at (877) 724-7800.

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