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Seaman Hires VB Attorneys for Back Injury Case Against Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


VB Attorneys has filed a complaint against Great Lakes Dredge and Dock after our client was sucked underwater by propellers due to improper training. 

VB Attorneys Files Complaint against Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

Our client was an ordinary seaman and started the day like any other. Unlike other days, while working, his workboat sunk, and he was sucked underwater by the propellers. After a harrowing 20 seconds, he was able to surface, holding onto a tire until he was rescued. 

Our client was driving a boat he wasn't properly trained on, nor was he given the right directive on his location, resulting in him being someplace he shouldn't have been. Since the incident, our client has suffered from lower back pain, debilitating anxiety, and PTSD. His trip to the ER resulted in being told to take an aspirin and use a heating pad - not the level of treatment he needs or deserves. 

What Happens Next

Our client was left to fend for himself without maintenance and a bottle of over-the-counter aspirin. We are stepping in, making sure he gets the medical care and financial assistance he needs and deserves. 

We understand how difficult it is to recover after a traumatic experience. If you have been injured or affected by a similar incident, our personal injury lawyers at VB Attorneys are here to seek justice. We have a track record of success and will dedicate our time and resources to granting you the care and compensation you deserve.

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