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Pregnant woman injured in wreck caused by fire truck hires VB Attorney

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


On July 21, 2019, a Peñitas, Texas, fire truck hit a car carrying two women. The driver of the car was pregnant at the time of the wreck. She has hired our firm to represent her in her injury claim.

The wreck occurred as the fire truck was crossing Expressway 83. It did not have lights or a siren on to warn oncoming traffic even though it was on its way to respond to a fire. Our client and her passenger were transported to the hospital via ambulance to receive treatment for their injuries.

Our client has suffered multiple serious injuries as a result of this wreck. She seeks answers to questions that include:

  • Why did the driver of the fire truck not have the lights or siren on, especially since it was responding to a fire at the time of the wreck?
  • Was the driver of the fire truck trained and/or qualified to drive the vehicle?
  • What vehicle training does the Peñitas Fire Department give its first responders?

Vuk Vujasinovic has taken the lead on this case. As he and his team investigate and work up this case, they will be asking these questions and many more related to truck safety. Fire trucks, like large commercial trucks, are held to higher safety standards than regular cars and pickup trucks. The same goes for the people who drive them.

Find out more information about what to do if you’re hit by a large truck, emergency response vehicle, 18-wheeler, or other commercial vehicles. 

Injury claims involving these vehicles are very different from regular car wreck cases. They require specialized experience that only a few firms can provide. Vuk Vujasinovic has taken the lead on this case. With a history of record-breaking verdicts and settlements in truck wreck cases, he is dedicated to getting answers and justice for our client.