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Technology in England - VB Attorneys

Job Tennant


First and foremost I must congratulate my friends David and Lydia on getting married. They have an incredible story (if you don’t know them ask me about it) and are an incredible couple. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend their wedding in Lancaster which is a beautiful small town in northern England last week.
I flew into Manchester on Wednesday morning slept, found a local coffee shop to get some work done in, and got to see a little bit of the town (Manchester Town Hall pictured). I got to Lancaster on a train the afternoon after David’s “stag do” (English bachelor party) and checked into our AirBNB. As soon as I did, I pulled out my iPad and started working on a deposition that was coming up in one of the cases that I have been very involved in and has some very interesting legal issues. I absolutely needed to be able to attend this deposition, but I wasn’t going to miss this wedding. Fortunately, we live in an era where I was able to use my cell phone to call in and my handy-dandy iPad to be able to research, communicate with the other attorneys, take notes, and formulate the questions that needed to be asked. The internet and long distance phone calls are not groundbreaking ideas today, but the fact that this law firm is forward thinking enough to allow me the freedom to be able to use this technology enabled me to fulfill my duties at work and to attend a beautiful wedding. Even more fortunately the deposition ended about two minutes before we needed to leave for the rehearsal dinner where I discovered a delicious new whiskey (Jura) and had a “hot pot” which is a favorite local dish . . . Oh, and to be there to support my friends, ya know . . .