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Insurance Companies are Behind the Scenes Dictating All Decisions

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


The following is a discussion with VB's own Brian Beckom. Brian discusses how insurance companies are always behind the scenes, dictating all decisions that are made.



"One of the questions I get a lot is when you are involved in a lawsuit process, so let's say for example, it's a truck wreck or any sort of personal injury, wrongful death, who actually pays the settlement?

And here's the answer to that question.

Most of the time, there are these billion-dollar insurance companies that are behind the scenes and they're making all the calls.

I don't know if anybody's ever seen a marionette, but it is a puppet where you got strings underneath, but these insurance companies have so much money and so much power and so much influence over politicians that they can literally pull the strings and litigation process.

To an extent that would absolutely shock people.

So here's just one example of what I'm talking about.

If you go down to court and you sit on a jury and there's insurance involved, let's say it's a car wreck and somebody's getting sued by somebody else and there's insurance involved, you're not allowed to know that that person has insurance.

The court will specifically prohibit you from bringing up the insurance question.

That's been the law for a very long time.

And the reason that's the laws because the insurance companies know that if people find out that it's the insurance company causing this litigation, that it's the insurance company that's ambulance chasing, that it's the insurance company that's causing all these lawsuits to go to trial instead of settling out of court as they should, then people would get very, very mad.

So the insurance companies give literally tens and tens of millions of dollars every year to politicians to pass laws that protect them at your expense.

So look, if you're ever involved, hopefully, you won't be involved in the legal system with a personal injury or wrongful death case. But if you know that most of the time there's insurance to pay for these kinds of claims, so you're not actually suing or the person that you're assuming is not actually paying, it is the insurance company. And know that if you're on a jury, the chances are very, very good that there's insurance involved, otherwise they wouldn't be down at the courthouse.

The whole system is designed for these insurance companies to pay as little as possible and they do whatever they can to bring as much money in premiums and pay out as little as claims as they can, even in totally legitimate claims.

So, just keep that in mind as you go forward.

If you got any more questions, feel free to give us a call!"



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