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Injured Working for a Negligent Barging Company? Our Maritime Lawyers Can Help.

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


When you work on a barge, you expose yourself to risks everyday you go to work. If your barge company acts negligently and puts you in a situation where you will get injured, time is not on your side. You have unique rights under the Jones Act, but the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced maritime lawyer to help you determine the proper next steps.

Barges are critical to the nation’s overall economy. They transport important cargos between inland and sea ports that will then likely be transported elsewhere. Barges must successfully navigate down twists and turns of, sometimes, narrow waterways carrying their heavy cargo. Barge workers have difficult jobs and their work environment exposes them to an abundance of hazards.

Common Accidents the Occur on Barges:

  • Slipping, Tripping, and/or Falling accidents
  • Falling Overboard
  • Improperly Maintained or Used Equipment
  • Hazardous Enclosed Spaces
  • Fires and Explosions


Negligent Barge Companies Will Not Advocate On Your Behalf

At VB Attorneys, our maritime lawyers have experience working with workers on barges. Unfortunately, we have found out too many times that the barging company is at fault for the workers injuries.

Like most companies, barge companies are likely only interested in protecting their best interest. If you get injured as a result of their negligence, they are not going to advocate on your behalf, nor offer you the care and compensation that you deserve.

The barge company will do everything in their power to limit the resources that they have to use and minimize the extent of your injuries. They may act as though they will help you but you can not trust a company that is motivated to save money and resources.

Every Maritime Worker Must Be Properly Trained on a Barge

Barge companies have a responsibility to train each and every one of their employees on how to efficiently prevent accidents, as well as how to respond to medical emergencies and get fellow employees emergency medical care when they need it. Some barge companies have a pattern of failing to take any measures to protect employees in any type of medical emergency, and that is when injuries occur. This is a huge disservice to their dedicated employees who work hard for them every day. 

Some barge companies do not even work to ensure that their vessels have the proper equipment and safety precautions. Like any employer, they are required to provide a safe and functional workplace for their employees. When this does not happen, it is incredibly likely that injuries will occur.

We Are Here to Help

At VB Attorneys, our maritime lawyers understand the complexities that come with being in a tanker accident. There are only a few Jones Act law firms that specialize in maritime and offshore injuries and we are one of them. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of hard working maritime workers when their employers neglect to protect them. If you want an entire team of Jones Act lawyers dedicated to winning your case, you need to call 877-724-7800 or fill out a request for a consultation.

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