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Injured offshore workers shouldn't trust Shuman Consulting

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


Shuman Consulting says on its website that it provides third party administration, risk management, loss adjusting, medical invoice review, and pre-employment services.

If you’ve been injured working in the offshore industry, particularly the offshore oil and gas industry, then there is a very good chance you will run into Shuman Consulting representatives.

You should be extremely careful in all your dealings with Shuman Consulting.

Here are 7 reasons you should be careful when you interact with Shuman Consulting:

  1. Shuman Consulting is paid by insurance companies and/or the offshore employers.  Because Shuman makes its money from these companies, it necessarily tries to protect the companies;
  2. Shuman Consulting has years of experience protecting these companies and employes against injury claims.  If you’ve been hurt working offshore, then this is likely your first experience in such a situation.  Thus, you are at an informational disadvantage.
  3. Shuman can immediately begin an investigation, take statements, and do all the work it needs to do.  An injured worker, by contrast, will likely be more worried about getting prompt and proper medical care, will be concerned about getting wages, and will be thinking about his or her job.  While the injured employee is working on financial survival, Shuman’s representatives have likely already sprung into action, so they have a head start on you.
  4. Shuman has resources you don’t have.  Shuman has the expertise, the people, and the money to do a full-blown accident investigation, and since Shuman will have a head start, it will be able to investigate the situation in a way the tends to favor the employer.
  5. People who work offshore are generally afraid of losing their jobs if they say things against the employer.  Shuman’s representatives understand this pressure, and can use it to make the accident seem like your fault.
  6. Shuman is well-trained in making it seem like they are just trying to help you get your benefits and your medical treatment.  While Shuman’s work may contribute to your benefits and medical treatment, keep in mind that “behind the scenes” Shuman is also doing what it can to protect it customer, not you.
  7. Shuman has access to company lawyers.  That’s important, because it means that in addition to performing the loss adjusting services for its employers and investigating the case in a way that would be favorable to its customer, Shuman can also access company lawyers during the investigation process, which gives the company another layer of protection against potential lawsuits or legal claims for an injury.

Are you being contacted by Shuman Consulting representatives?  Here’s what you should do:

If you are being contacted by representatives of Shuman Consulting after an on-the-job injury, then there are a couple of steps you can take to protect yourself.

  • First, you should realize that you are under no obligation to sign any papers or give any statements.  If Shuman implies that you won’t receive your wages or medical treatment, then you must understand that this is simply not true under the law.
  • Second, you should consider contacting an experienced lawyer who can help guide you through the process.  If Shuman Consulting is involved, then you can be almost certain that your employer has its lawyers involved as well and is taking steps now to protect itself.  You should get independent legal advice from a quality lawyer to protect yourself.
  • Third, and finally, you should know that your future is at stake.  While you may believe you can trust your employer, once Shuman is involved you should know that your employer is looking after its own financial and legal interests.  Since your health, finances, and job security is at stake, you should do whatever is necessary to protect yourself now.  You shouldn’t wait to see if your employer will “take care of you,” whether you can “trust your employer,” etc. because by hiring the specialists at Shuman Consulting your employer has basically said it doesn’t have your best interests in mind, your employer has its own best interests in mind.

Watch Brian explain further about what to do if you are picked up at the dock by the claims adjuster: