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Injured deckhand hires VB Attorneys after being hurt while working on a charter boat

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


An injured deckhand has hired VB Attorneys after being hurt while working aboard a charter boat. In June 2018, our client was  on an offshore boat when the tension from an anchor broke, injuring his leg, ankle, and foot.

When the accident occurred, our client was about an hour offshore. The Coast Guard was called and they were met by an ambulance waiting at the shore. He was treated for his injuries at the hospital and later underwent surgery to repair his ankle. He is still being treated at this time.

Initially, the company was helping our client at first with his medical bills and even maintenance and cure benefits. As is typical in these cases, that soon ended and our client was left with no money or assistance. That is when he contacted us.

We are still investigating this case and will provide updates as it progresses.

Injuries at sea often result from failure to comply with safety regulations

Recently we settled a case with a mooring line company on behalf of our client, Josh  who was injured while working as a line handler. Our client had only been employed for a month when he went out with a captain to a mooring station to release the lines of a tanker. While doing so, a mechanism snapped and violently struck his hand, crushing it. Josh underwent months of operations, medication, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to repair his broken hand. He is still being treated for pain related to the injury.

At the very minimum, maritime companies should be following and promoting safety regulations. Companies that care about their employees go a step further to ensure proper training, supervision, and safe operations are being conducted. When this doesn’t happen, as in Josh’s case, employees suffer. Our firm discovered that Josh’s employer barely had a safety program, did not provide appropriate training or supervision and expected him to learn as he went along. Our firm worked hard to hold the line company responsible for their negligence and in doing so helped give Josh a new path forward.

If you or a loved one was injured in an offshore work accident, we can help

If you have been injured due to a company’s negligence in maintaining a safe working environment, it is important to know that you are not alone. Our maritime injury attorneys are experienced in taking on even the largest offshore companies and winning. Find out how we can help you. Call us at (877) 724-7800 or fill out our free, confidential contact form.