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Hurt Working for Spartan Offshore? We Can Help. - VB Attorneys

Vuk Vujasinovic

Vuk Vujasinovic


Spartan Offshore advertises itself as the “only remaining privately-held offshore rig provider in the United States.”  According to its website, this fact gives Spartan a competitive advantage that is “unmatched” by larger firms. The company is led by an experienced management team, with individual management personnel having vast experience in the industry.

Spartan provides rigs, drilling, workover and completion services in shallow and deepwater, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, although the company is expanding internationally. According to its website, the company has 6 active rigs and is looking to expand and hire more workers.

What You Need To Know If You Were Hurt Working For Spartan Offshore

If you were injured on the job, and your job was on a rig, then chances are good you’ll have legal rights under the Jones Act.  The Jones Act provides lost wage, medical, and other benefits to injured offshore workers who qualify as “seamen”.

If you’ve been seriously injured while working for Spartan, you should contact an experienced Jones Act attorney who has a track record of prosecuting cases against offshore drilling operators and contractors. You should verify that the firm has the necessary success rate and experience to handle a complicated Jones Act case against a large offshore drilling company, and also that the firm knows the Jones Act inside and out.

Every day that you wait, Spartan and its team of lawyers will get an advantage over you in any future legal proceedings.

Contact VB Attorneys And Put Our Experience To Work For You

As one of the leading lawyers in the country handling offshore drilling rig cases, Brian Beckcom and the team at VB Attorneys are often called by injured offshore workers for help and have handled multiple cases against Spartan. Learn more about some of these cases by clicking on the links below:

Neck injury on a Spartan jackup rig leads to a $900,000 Jones Act settlement

“Because we’ve successfully handled so many cases against offshore drillers, many of the employees have come to respect our work on their behalf.  The companies know when we take a case we mean business and work tirelessly to make sure they pay what they owe under the law.” – Brian Beckcom, Jones Act Attorney

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