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Have You Been Injured While Working for O'Hara Corporation? We can help.

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


O’Hara Corporation owns and operates fishing vessels off the Alaskan coastline that are employed with crew members working long hours onboard. Our maritime lawyers at VB Attorneys regularly represent injured maritime workers and fish processors in claims covered under the Jones Act. If you have been injured working for O’Hara, our maritime lawyers will advocate for your rights.

O’Hara Corporation states that their mission is to “exceed the quality standards set by our worldwide customers through loyalty, service, innovation, and quality.” While they claim to strive for excellence, working at sea exposes fishing crewmen to the constant risk of injury if safety precautions are not followed.

You Have Rights Under the Jones Act

O If you work for O’Hara Corporation and have been injured working as a deckhand, crewman, or fish processor, contact our experienced maritime lawyers immediately. You have legal rights under the Jones Act. The Jones Act provides injured workers with the necessary benefits, such as lost wages and medical coverage. Every injured worker deserves proper care and compensation, and that is where our knowledgeable maritime lawyers can help.

If you have been injured while working for O’Hara, we are here to help. We are extremely experienced in working with dedicated workers on their Jones Act claims. We are committed to ensuring that no one is left without the coverage that they deserve. We have an extensive Jones Act Claims and Maritime Injuries practice, and we have successfully helped hundreds of injured maritime workers with their claims.

Our Maritime Lawyers are Here to Help.

Federal maritime law and the Jones Act are extremely complicated. Only a handful of law firms and lawyers across the country handle these types of complex cases and have a track record of success when it comes to helping injured mariners get the compensation they deserve for their Jones Act claims.

As one of the leading lawyers in the country handling offshore drilling rig cases, Brian Beckcom and the team at VB Attorneys are often called by injured offshore workers for help and have handled multiple cases against the largest maritime and offshore companies. 
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