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Greyhound bus hit by semi truck in New Mexico - VB Attorneys

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


“It was kind of like being in an apocalyptic movie. It was like the world was ending,” says Joseph Chandler, a passenger on board a Greyhound bus that was hit by a semi truck. The crash occurred on I 40 in New Mexico on August 30, 2018. The truck, owned and operated by Jag Transportation, lost its front driver’s side tire. Losing the tire caused it to cross the dirt median, jackknife, and collide head-on with the bus. Eight of the 49 people on board died from blunt force trauma, including the bus driver.The New Mexico State Police and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the fatal wreck. Authorities have recovered the truck’s electronic logging device and the engine control module and have recovered a similar electronic logging device from the bus. They are also investigating both front tires, obtaining blood from both drivers for toxicological purposes, and obtaining both drivers’ medical records. These are normal investigative procedures for the NTSB, according to their spokesperson.

Jag Transportation sued by family members of two deceased bus passengers

Two lawsuits have already been filed against the trucking company by family members of two deceased passengers. The lawsuits claim the truck driver and the trucking company were negligent. They also list concerns about proper maintenance and inspection of a tire. These concerns are followed up with a recent safety report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that shows the company has reported three crashes in the United States in the last two years.

Injured bus passengers and the families of crash victims need answers. Here’s how to get them.

Getting answers after a bus crash like this one can take months, even years. The National Transportation Safety Board said it themselves that it could take anywhere from 12-24 months for the report to be released on this crash. That’s too long for you to wait. In states such as California, where the trucking company is located, you only have 24 months to file a lawsuit. If you wait on the government to release their report, it may be too late for you to file your case.

Whether you are a survivor of the wreck or a loved one of one of the people who were killed, you deserve answers. Getting them can be another matter. That’s why you deserve to work with a law firm with an extensive track record in holding trucking companies and bus companies accountable in both injury and wrongful death lawsuits can help you get the answers, justice, and compensation you deserve in as short an amount of time as possible.

To start getting answers, your attorney will launch an independent investigation. Because the government’s investigation may take two years or more to result in answers, our firm hires independent experts in accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and more to determine why the crash happened and who is responsible. We work with a judge to get a Temporary Restraining Order filed so none of the evidence goes missing or is tampered with in any way. After inspecting all the evidence and the crash scene, we put the results of our investigation to work for you. This work allows us to make sure we are starting off on the right foot.

Start winning your case now.

Time is not on your side after a crash. Evidence and people disappear. The company has time to find ways to prove they aren’t at fault. You can get pressured into accepting a settlement amount for a fraction of your medical bills. None of this is helping you get answers or get justice.

Consulting an attorney as soon as possible after a crash allows you to focus on what you need to do – recover. If you decide you need to hire an experienced attorney to help you, your attorney will take over all the stress of getting you the result you deserve. That way, you can focus on getting your life back. To start winning your case now, call us at 877-724-7800 or fill out a contact form on our website.