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Can I fire my Jones Act lawyer

What to Do If You Don't Like Working with Your Jones Act Lawyer

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


At VB Attorneys, we understand that you are likely overwhelmed and distressed at the time that you need to hire a lawyer. As you may be seeking legal representation and guidance, you may settle for a lawyer that is inexperienced or not meeting your needs. If this is the case, you need to understand your rights.

How To Expect Your Lawyer Will React

It is completely acceptable to want to fire your lawyer. Just because you signed a contract for a contingency fee, it does not mean you are obligated to continue to work with them.If you present your concerns to your current Jones Act lawyer and they understand your decision to discontinue working with them, you are free to move forward in finding another lawyer to handle your case.

If your lawyer expresses concern when you try to fire them, they may state that they are going to maintain their contingency interest in your case. Before you accept the unfortunate circumstance of having to pay two separate lawyers a contingency fee from your settlement, you have options. If you can obtain proof of good cause for firing your lawyer, then they will likely be unable to maintain their interest in your settlement earnings. Unfortunately if you cannot prove good cause for firing your Jones Act lawyer, they will be able to keep their contingency interest in your case.

Proving Good Cause

If you are working with a Jones Act lawyer who is not meeting your needs, as long as you can prove good cause, you will be able to fire your lawyer without them maintaining their contingency interest in your case.

  • Lack of communication
    • Your Jones Act Lawyer should be keeping you updated on the status of your case. They should also be answering your phone calls and emails or at least responding to you in a timely manner.
  • Your lawyer is disorganized or unprepared
    • You are seeking their guidance and expertise so they should respect your situation and have your files prepared and they should have copies of all the information that you have provided for them.
  • If your lawyer is not understanding your case
    • If your lawyer does not understand how to proceed with your case appropriately, they should not be managing it. They should be experienced in handling Jones Act cases, and if they are not making progress, you should seek other counsel.
  • Unethical behavior or misconduct
    • If your Jones Act lawyer has broken your confidentiality privilege, they have a conflict of interest, they are mishandling your funds, failing to inform you of any settlement offers, or asking you to do something that you are uncomfortable with, they have breached their code of ethics.

Contact VB Attorneys. We are here to help.

At VB Attorneys, we are not only experienced Jones Act lawyers, but we respect our clients. We understand that filing a Jones Act claim means that an unexpected accident occurred and that you are left unsure of how to proceed. Let us work with you.

Even if you have hired a Jones Act lawyer but you feel as though they are not adequately representing your best interests, we will work with you to discontinue your current lawyer's services to work with our legal team. Contact our experienced lawyers for help today. We will fight for your rights.

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