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Bombshells Bar and Restaurant remains a danger to the Houston community

Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom


In the past few years, Houston Bombshells locations have become well known for incidents including (but not limited to) over serving alcohol, serving alcohol to minors, assaults on the premises, robberies, and more. The District Attorney of Harris County has even called it a “crime factory.”

Recently a public relations company reached out to us and asked that we take down certain information on our website regarding public news stories about Bombshells. We agreed to do so. However, we would like to make it clear that based on our own investigations, we still believe Bombshells is a danger to this community.

This will not deter us from seeking justice for our clients and on behalf of the citizens of Houston injured by their negligence. We will continue to pursue our case against them on behalf of our client, Officer Brothers. Officer Brothers is a Houston Police Officer that was injured due to Bombshell’s inability to adhere to their duty under the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Our law firm is dedicated to being there for those hurt by the actions of Bombshells and other negligent establishments.

Bombshells has a history of TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) complaints

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is the state entity charged with investigating reports of possible alcohol-related violations wherever alcohol is being served. Since 2016, two of the Houston Bombshells locations received 16 TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) complaints combined. At least 10 of these complaints were filed by a law enforcement agency. 

The Bombshells at the center of many recent public news stories is located at 121810 Gulf Freeway and received 13 of these complaints by itself. In the past three years, this location has received eight complaints for serving alcohol to an intoxicated person and five complaints of permitting a minor to possess or consume alcohol.


In the past three years, two of the Houston Bombshells locations have earned 16 TABC complaints combined.


Since 2016, six lawsuits have been filed against Bombshells

In the past three years, six lawsuits have been filed against Bombshells Houston-South and its parent companies, BMB Dining Services (Fuqua), Inc. and RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. regarding drunk driving crashes and injuries due to over serving alcohol.

Arturo Esquivel, Jr. v. BMB Dining Services (Fuqua), Inc. d/b/a Bombshells Houston-South

A lawsuit was filed against Bombshells on November 30, 2016  on behalf of Arturo Esquivel, Jr. after he was involved in a car crash after leaving the bar. On or about August 16, 2015, Mr. Esquivel Jr.  arrived at the 12810 Gulf Freeway location where he was served numerous alcoholic beverages that continued after he was intoxicated.

According to the lawsuit, BMB Dining Services and Bombshells (along with their servers) breached their duty and violated Texas law by continuing to serve him after he was obviously drunk and presented a clear danger to himself and others. Esquivel Jr. left the establishment and drove his motorcycle down Interstate 45 where he was involved in a serious collision. The crash caused Esquivel, Jr. serious injuries including the amputation of his right leg below the knee.

The Estate of Marvin Drake, III, et. al v. BMB Dining Services (Fuqua), Inc. d/b/a Bombshells Houston-South and Jane Doe Server

On May 18, 2018, the family of Marvin Drake III filed a lawsuit against BMB Dining Services and Bombshells after he was killed after leaving the 12810 Gulf Freeway Bombshells location. According to the lawsuit, Bombshells failed in their duty to discontinue serving clearly intoxicated individuals.

The evening of February, 16, 2018, Mr. Drake went to the Bombshells location where he was served drink after drink. The lawsuit also states that Marvin was clearly intoxicated when he left the restaurant on his Suzuki motorcycle. Moments later, he crashed his bike into the back of a Chevrolet HHR and died at the scene.

Chayne Brothers v. BMB Dining Services (d/b/a Bombshells)

In June of 2018, we filed a million dollar lawsuit against Bombshells in the 234th Harris County District Court on behalf of Officer Chayne Brothers. In the early morning hours of May 20, 2018, Jeremy Rene Leos crashed into Officer Brothers’ patrol SUV injuring him. As we included in the lawsuit, Mr. Leos had been drinking at Bombshells restaurant and bar on Fuqua before getting behind the wheel.

The lawsuit we filed named Bombshells, its parent company RCI Hospitality Holdings, and Mr. Leos himself. As with in the other lawsuits, we allege that Bombshells is responsible for Officer Brothers’ injuries because they over served Mr. Leos even though he was already intoxicated. This case is still pending but we intend to see it through to the end and receive compensation for our client.

David Grijalva v. BMB Dining Services (Fuqua), Inc., d/b/a Bombshells Houston-South

Also in June of 2018, Bombshells and BMB Dining Services was named in a lawsuit by David Grijalva, after he was injured by two patrons at the 12810 Gulf Freeway location who became belligerent and disruptive. The lawsuit alleges that no staff or security personnel intervened to stop the behavior to continuing or worsening. 

On or about the night of October 1, 2016, David was waiting in line to use the restroom at Bombshells when two patrons became confrontational. The patrons began verbally insulting him which escalated to them pouring drinks on him and throwing their glasses, causing lacerations to his body. According to the lawsuit, Bombshells allowed the belligerent individuals to remain on the premises creating a dangerous environment to themselves and others.

Carlos Garza Lopez v. Jeannette Romo, et al

Carlos Garza-Lopez filed a lawsuit against Bombshells Restaurant in October 2018. The lawsuit claims that on the night of July 4, 2018, Jeannette Romo went to two different bars, Therapy and Bombshells where she was over served alcohol to the point of being visibly intoxicated. According to the filing, it was because of the over serving at these two bars, that Romo left and crashed her vehicle into Mr. Garza-Lopez’ vehicle, causing severe injuries and damage.

The Defendant bars were providers of alcohol under the authority of a license issued by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. As such, they had a statutory duty to refrain from serving alcohol to obviously intoxicated patrons who are a clear or present danger to themselves or others. The lawsuit filed claims that Bombshells wholly failed to uphold this duty and was the proximate cause of the incident and the resulting injuries and damages to Plaintiff.

Larry Medrano Jr. v. BMB Dining Services (Fuqua), Inc. d/b/a Bombshells


On the evening of January 12, 2019, Larry Cortez Medrano arrived at the Bombshells location at 12810 Gulf Freeway in Houston and was served numerous alcoholic drinks. A lawsuit filed on March 1, 2019 alleges that as a result of being over served by Bombshells, Medrano left the establishment with a blood alcohol level of .274 and was later involved in a serious car wreck that took his life.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of his family, states that Medrano was obviously intoxicated to the extent that he presented a clear and present danger to himself and others. Yet, Bombshells continued to serve him alcohol. It says the Decedent’s fatal injuries were the proximate result of Defendants’ wrongful acts, neglect, and/or carelessness.


Houston leads the nation in fatal drunk driving crashes

These lawsuits come as no surprise. A recent study completed by the Houston Chronicle lists Houston as the worst in the nation for drunk driving.The Houston region has had more fatal drunken-driving crashes during the last 16 years than any other major metropolitan area in the country. Bars and restaurants that over serve patrons or serve alcohol to minors are only contributing to the fact that Houston drivers risk their lives every day on the road.

Yet these same establishments will also fight you tooth and nail to keep injured parties from recovering due to their negligence. The only way to combat statistics like this is to hold bars and restaurants accountable for their actions, or inactions. We cannot allow them to get away with over serving patrons who then go out and cause accidents, injuries, and deaths. 


We are dedicated to holding Bombshells responsible for failing to keep our community safe

The number of lawsuits filed against Bombshells in only a matter of a few years is disturbing. Bombshells has a duty to help keep our community safe by refusing to serve individuals that are intoxicated and a danger to themselves or other. They are wholly failing at this duty.

Our law firm is dedicated to holding irresponsible establishments, like Bombshells, accountable for dangerous or deadly drunk driving wrecks caused by over serving. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a drunk driver who was over served at a bar, you deserve justice. Time begins ticking immediately.  Learn how we can help you and you family receive justice by giving us a call at (877) 724-7800 or fill out our free, confidential case evaluation.