Have you experienced health issues after receiving the Zostavax vaccine?

If you or a loved one is suffering from health issues after receiving the Zostavax vaccine complications you may qualify for compensation. As part of the leadership committee for these shingles vaccine lawsuits against Merck, we have seen how dangerous and life-altering complications from the Zostavax vaccine can be. Just some of the health issues caused by the vaccine are blindness, eye infections, hearing loss, nerve pain, congestive heart failure and even death. If you have suffered at the hands of this vaccine, it is important to contact a knowledgeable dangerous and defective product attorney today so that you can find out if you are qualified and learn about your next steps.

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Get the information you need to win your Zostavax lawsuit.

If you’ve suffered a serious health condition or if your loved one has died after receiving the Zostavax vaccine, you may be entitled to compensation. Consult our attorneys right away to learn your legal rights, find out if you qualify, and make an informed decision about what to do next.

Our attorneys are part of the leadership committee for these shingles vaccine lawsuits against Merck. Since 2006, Merck has sold millions of the Zostavax vaccine to people over 50 years old. This vaccine is supposed to prevent you from getting the shingles vaccine when you’re older, however it has proven to do the opposite. And it comes with dangerous and even deadly health issues. Get more facts about the Zostavax vaccine here.

Investigations have shown that Merck failed to do its due diligence and prove that this vaccine was safe and effective before selling it to people. In fact, we now know that Merck knew of the risks and sold this vaccine anyway. The company’s disregard for your safety and well-being has led us to hold them accountable. That is why we have been appointed to the leadership committee for the Zostavax multi-district litigation (MDL). Our goal is to help you hold Merck accountable for putting your health in danger and get the best result possible for your case.

Zostavax vaccines are "faulty" according to lawsuits

The Zostavax lawsuits argue that the vaccine is “faulty.” In fact, the CDC has come out with a study that shows that this live virus shingles vaccine is only 51% effective. It can even cause you to develop shingles, in addition to the long list of health conditions listed above. If you received this vaccine after 2006, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking with our attorneys about your case.

In these types of lawsuits, your case is not part of a class action. There is no class action for the Zostavax lawsuits. Since your reaction to the vaccine may be totally different than someone else’s, the judge has decided that these lawsuits will all move forward individually. That means your case will be evaluated based on your individual situation and you will get what you deserve, not the average of thousands of claims.

Every case is different. But our goal is the same – to get you the best result possible in the shortest amount of time.

Merck decided their profits were more important than your life. We are taking a stand to right this wrong. To discuss your case with our attorneys, call us at 877-724-7800 or fill out a contact form.

Why You Should Consider VB Attorneys for Your Zostavax Case

Who you hire as your lawyer may be the most important decision you make. It can be the difference between a small settlement and a large verdict, between a quick settlement or a lawsuit that drags on for years and years, between collecting everything to which you are legally entitled or collecting nothing at all.

Our law firm is considered one of the best law firms in the country for people injured because of a company’s wrongdoing or negligence. Our lead lawyer in these cases, Brian Beckcom, has been appointed by the judge in this multi-district litigation to be a part of the leadership committee for these cases. Mr. Beckcom and his law partner, Vuk Vujasinovic, have been involved in defective and dangerous product cases their entire careers. They have published hundreds of articles, books, news items, and other expert analysis on these types of cases. Mr. Beckcom and Mr. Vujasinovic have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in injury lawsuits against large corporations.

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