Your are not required to see company doctors (877) 7824-7800 Not only do you have to deal with your injury following a maritime accident, but the stress of mounting medical bills can be weighing on your shoulders. If you were injured in an offshore accident at work, you are most likely covered under maritime law and your employer will need to pay for your medical bills. Learn more about this by watching attorney Brian Beckcom in this video. If you are injured in an offshore accident during work, there are federal laws that protect offshore workers. You need to speak with an attorney who specializes in offshore laws and the Jones Act. Under this law, your employer is required to pay for your medical bills until you reach maximum medical improvement. This means your medical bills should be paid until medical treatment will not make you any better. Don’t let your employer condition payment of your medical bills on you seeing a company doctor or giving a recorded statement. You do not have to give a statement and you do not have to see company doctors in order to have your medical bills covered. Because these laws are complex, you need to speak with an experienced maritime accident attorney to get your questions answered. Visit our website at and type in your question. We have hundreds of frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t see your question, call us at 877-724-7800 and we will answer your questions for free, with no obligation.

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