Wife of Injured Deckhand Talks About His Case

Tiffany's husband injured his back working for a towing company as a deckhand. They hired Brian to take care of his Jones Act case, and here's what she had to say after her husband's case settled:

"My husband was injured on his job... My husband is 48 years old, and we had no idea on, after his injuries, what we were going to do. He and I spoke about it, and we contacted Brian, with the attorney Vuk and Beckcom's office. And, after doing so, he and I felt so much better after we spoke with him and got some ideas about how to pursue his case.

After about a year or so, with no issues with the attorneys or nothing to prevent us from talking to them.. my husband and i were very satisfied with the work that was done with our case. It was settled within less than a year, and anytime we spoke to someone at the law office, we were satisfied.

Like I said, after a year, he got his settlement. Now we can think about our future and exactly what we can do to move on. So I just wanted to say it was a joy working with everybody here at the law office, and it was the best decision we could have made."

Brian Beckcom
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