Lawyer Answers: "What Do I Get Out of Having Two Law Firms Partner on My Case?"

Cris Galindo, the founding partner of the Galindo Law Firm, discusses why having two law firms partner on your case can mean a better outcome for you after you've been seriously injured in an accident.

1. Having more attorneys work your case, especially if it's a big case, means you get more experience and a better result. The more legal experience, the more legal training dedicated to your case means you will benefit from having more lawyers working on your case. 

2. Having two firms work on your case means that, if your case requires a lot of financial resources to work up - you need major surgeries and medical care or you need a lot of experts to prove your case - the financial burden is spread out between the two firms. 

Cris has partnered with VB Attorneys on cases in the past, and he says that he's "happy with the results and happy to have them work with [the Galindo Law Firm] on some of [their] bigger cases."

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