What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

http://www.vbattorneys.com/video/what-is-maximum-medical-improvement-.cfm (877) 724-7800  If you have been hurt offshore and are seeing doctors, you probably have heard the term "Maximum Medical Improvement," or "MMI" for short. You are considered to have reached MMI if medical treatment will no longer improve your condition. In other words, medical treatment has done the most good for you as it ever will. A common trick the offshore companies offer play is they try to have one of their hand picked doctors declare you to have reached MMI before you have in fact done so. Why would they do that? Because some of their obligations to pay you maintenance and cure benefits following your maritime injury cease once you have been declared at MMI. Did you know you do not have to rely on a company doctor opinion about your MMI? Most injured offshore workers are surprised to learn that they can seek an MMI opinion from an independent doctor who is not tied to their company. For more information on the MMI game played by the companies, please contact us.

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