Watch Brian Cross-Examine Offshore Oil Rep Paul Fontana

Paul Fontana works as a vocational rehabilitation expert for companies primarily in the offshore oil and gas industry.  As an expert, Mr. Fontana is hired by oil and gas companies to give witness testimony in Jones Act and offshore injury lawsuits. He bills more than a million dollars a year for drilling companies, but believes that a "thinking person" would not conclude that he has a bias in favor of the offshore companies that pay him for his testimony.

Brian recently represented an Assistant Driller who suffered a terrible back injury working for an offshore company on a jack-up rig.  Mr. Fontana agreed to testify for the offshore company in return for payment, and not surprisingly, he tried to blame just about everything on the Assistant Driller. 

The case settled for over a million dollars shortly after Mr. Beckcom cross-examined Mr. Fontana.

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