Your Guide to the Volkswagen Clean Diesel Emissions Scandal and #DieselGate

On September 18, 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Justice, and the California Air Resources Board gave notice to Volkswagon that certain of their diesel did not comply with environmental regulations for emissions.

Volkswagon has posted a video its position on these issues. That video doesn't come close to explaining the entire story.

For example, Volkswagon never mentions in their video post that they intentionally cheated the regulators. This was NOT a mistake. This was a calculated, intentional decision to cheat the law and the rules to make more money. Nothing more and nothing less.

Specifically, Volkswagon has already ADMITTED that they intentionally installed equipment on certain vehicles that was designed to cheat the emissions tests.

According to Volkswagon's recent video, their "corporate objectives" include environmental protection and sustainability.

Well, actions speak louder than words.

Volkswagon apparently only thinks these objectives are important when they get caught red-handed cheating the system.

Volkswagon's intentional cheating hurts everyone. It hurts you. It hurts me. It hurts the environment. It hurts people who bought their cars on false advertising and false promises.

An apology is too little and too late.

We are evaluating the damage caused by Volkswagon's outright falsehoods. Class action lawsuits have already been filed.

While we believe class actions are appropriate for certain situations, we are not convinced they are the best solution for customers and those harmed by Volkswagon's corporate misconduct. Instead, a class action may allow Volkswagon to escape from its own misconduct much more cheaply than it should.

That's why we are evaluating whether customers who have purchased these vehicles should look to individual representation outside of the class action system.

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