Univision Interviews Family of Deceased Ironworker on First Day of Trial

On the first day of trial, Univision interviewed the family of the ironworker who drowned building the pedestrian bridge for the Baylor stadium. The family sued 7 companies to find out who was responsible for Mr. Suarez's death. At the end of the trial, four companies remained in the case.

Vuk asked the jury to place 100% responsibility on Austin Bridge and Road, based on the evidence they'd seen over the three weeks of the trial. The jury returned a $17.72 Million verdict in favor of our clients after deliberating for 6 hours. 

We've translated the Univision interview for you to read in English:

Female Reporter: "Working in construction is not an easy job for the employee or his or her family who day to day live with the anxiety of trying to avoid being victims of an accident. This is what happened to a man who died while constructing a bridge for a stadium."

Male Reporter: "Today the widow and the children of Jose Suarez went to court to go to trial against seven companies who may have been at fault. Rebecca Suarez has the exclusive story. Rebecca?"

Reporter Rebecca Suarez: "Attorneys and representatives from the seven companies have said that at the moment they cannot comment on the topic now that the trial has started. Nevertheless, the family of the worker spoke exclusively to us."

Lucila Suarez: "There won’t be a day that we can finally say that he is with us again."

Female Reporter: "Lucila Suarez never imagined that one the 28th of January 2014 when her father left for work he would never return."

Lucila Suarez: "It’s hard feeling helpless, kissing and comforting my mom and not knowing what else to do."

Female Reporter: "Jose Dario Suarez, 55 years old, died on a construction site while constructing a bridge over the Brazos River that would connect to the Baylor Football Stadium. According to court documents, Suarez was secured to a safety harness that was attached to a piece of machinery that was submerged in the water and he died drowning."

Raquel Suarez: "I always told him that God had given me a very good man, a very good man and I was thankful."

Female Reporter: "The trial started today at the Harris County Civil Courthouse gainst Baylor University and five other companies involved in the contracting of the employees, construction, and supplying of machinery."

Vuk Vujasinovic: "Safety rules associated with using this equipment…"

Female Reporter: "The lawyer for the family assures us that the safety rules were not followed verbatim. During the trial, the attorneys for the defendants admitted that the accident occurred because employees made mistakes. Lucila tells us that their father, native of Coahuila, worked hard as a welder to care for his wife, three children, and five grandchildren. The majority of people who work in construction expose themselves to danger for nothing, for nothing because they don’t even get a 'thank you.'"

Reporter Rebecca Suarez: "It is expected that the trial will last 4 weeks. The family is looking a verdict of over one million dollars. Reporting live from downtown Rebecca Suarez, Univision."

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