The Truth About Captain Phillips on ABC's Nightline

Nightline host Bill Weir discusses the true story behind Captain Phillips. 

There's a real life war going on right now on the open seas between actual pirates and the American mercenaries being paid big bucks to fight them off.

Dan Harris explains: "Moviegoers are taking in the story of Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks plays the man from Vermont. His commerical ship was attacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean in 2009. But some of the men on board the real Maersk Alabama are seething at this heroic protrayal. They're suing the shipping line, arguing that Captain Phillips ignored warnings to stay 600 miles from the coast of Somalia. The Maersk Alabama was only about 250 miles away... because the route saved the company money." 

To learn more about the true story of Captain Phillips and the crew's lawsuit against Maersk, visit:


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