KHOU: Texas Carnival Accident & Injury Risks Many children and teenagers are attracted by the traveling carnivals that set up each summer in vacant parking lots. While they can be a fun way to spend the day, there are risks involved that every person should be aware of. This story of a Texas carnival accident is a prime example. Carnival rides are required to have an inspection sticker in plain sight to the public, to ensure carnival-goers that the attractions are safe to ride. Additionally, carnival rides are supposed to comply with state safety laws. If you cannot see an inspection sticker on the ride or the ride has not been inspected in awhile, it could be a life-saving decision to stay off. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death as the result of a Texas carnival accident, contact Houston personal injury lawyers VB Attorneys. Call today at 713-224-7800, or visit our website at, where you can order a copy of one of our FREE books, such as Top 10 RED FLAGS On Attorney Websites That Tell You Who NOT To Hire.

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