Senior Oilfield Specialist Thanks VB Attorneys for Helping After He Hurt His Neck Saving Crew During Well Blowout

"Hi, my name's Don. I live in Eunice, New Mexico. I have grown up in the oilfield and have been running tools for 26 years now. If I was talking to anyone in the oilfield, if you get hurt, workman's comp's not your friend. You might think your company's your friend. You need to get an attorney, and you need to get somebody like Brian, like Julian. And you need to get what you deserve.

"The day started out just like any other day. I was on another rig, and as soon as I pulled up, my buddies were around the wellhead and they all waved at me. And I opened the door of my truck, put my hard hat on, and stepped out and the well exploded. 

"When I pulled the guys from the rig, from around the wellhead while it was blowing out, I compressed a disc in my neck and found out that the disc was smashing on my spinal cord and that was what was making all the pain. From there, I couldn't get any help from my company, workman's comp wasn't wanting to help. They were saying that I was just wanting pain pills.

"The oilfield is a cruel place - and nobody - if you can't handle it, someone else will. So if you don't have a good representative, then you're in trouble. Once Brian got involved, everybody kind of stepped up. Everybody was kind of wanting to help me then.

"Because of Brian, that I still have my job, I'm still making them money, I'm still making me money, and Brian's the whole reason for that. I'm sure that if I hadn't have gotten Brian, they would have kicked me to the curb. That would have been it. I put it in Brian's hands - he was going to do what needed to be done. He doesn't quit."

Don hired Brian after he was injured when a wellhead exploded in West Texas. He hurt his neck pulling the crew from the well site to prevent them from being hurt any worse. What he found out trying to file a worker's compensation claim on his own that he was on his own. He contacted an attorney in New Mexico who referred him to Brian. Brian stepped in and obtained a fantastic settlement for Don after helping Don get the medical treatment he needed on his neck. 

Brian Beckcom
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