Pipeline Explosion Injures Six Texas Oil Rig Workers

http://www.vbattorneys.com/news/pipe-accident-in-karnes-county-leads-to-osha-investigation.cfm Six Texas oilfield workers were seriously injured and taken to hospitals after a pipeline explosion at the Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas Plant in Karnes County. The Houston workplace lawyers at VB Attorneys discuss this unfortunate accident here in this video and give injured workers advice about what to do following a workplace injury.

While an investigation into the cause of this Karnes County pipe explosion is underway, what is known is that six contractors from across Texas were burned by scalding hot water after a steam pipe busted. As a result of this tragic accident, the lives and careers of six people are forever changed.

When on-the-job accidents in Texas occur, it is critical that workers seek immediate medical treatment to determine the extent of their injuries. Although medical bills are expensive and workers may be worried about the high cost of medical care during a time they cannot work, workers need to keep in mind that experienced Texas work injury attorneys can help get them compensated accordingly.

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