Overseas Offshore Injury Claim? We Can Help

http://www.vbattorneys.com/video/overseas-offshore-injury-claim---we-can-help.cfm (877) 724 7800 Maritime accidents happen all over the world. Many offshore injury claims involve international issues. The location of the accident, the residence of the injured maritime worker, and the headquarters of the company may all be in different countries. In these types of scenarios, a "choice of law" analysis must be undertaken. The lawyers for the parties will argue these points, then the judge will decide on which law to apply. Then, the lawyers must argue about what the substance of the law requires, if it is a foreign law. At our law firm, we have a lot of experience handling international maritime claims. If you would like us to answer your questions free of charge, and with no obligations, please contact us. We are happy to communicate with you by phone, Skype, email, fax, or any other means you have at your disposal.

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