Osiel Talks About His VB Experience

Osiel hired VB Attorneys to represent him after he got hurt on a land based oil rig.  Curtis handled his case. Osiel's arm was severely injured when a crane moving a pipe swung the pipe into his arm. The damage was so severe he had to have hardware surgically implanted in his arm to fix it. While workers comp helped cover his expenses and he has returned to work, Osiel knew that his accident could have been prevented if his company had followed their own safety rules.  

He did some research, found VB Attorneys, hired us, and he was happy with the way Curtis handled his case. Osiel liked that we were honest and answered his questions. He was also pleased that Curtis was able to get the defense to settle on his terms, not theirs.  Curtis negotiated a settlement of $350,000.

Using part of his settlement, he will be able to have the metal plate in his arm removed.


Curtis Bickers
Personal Injury Attorney