Hercules Roustabout Injured in Personnel Transfer Thanks Brian Beckcom and VB Attorneys for His Settlement

http://www.vbattorneys.com/case_results/hercules-offshore-settles-case-brought-by-injured-floorhand.cfm Frank was injured working for Hercules Offshore. He believed the company would take care of him. He was a good worker and he didn't believe the company would take advantage of him. But they did. He hired VB Attorneys to file a Jones Act lawsuit aginst Hercules. VB Attorneys was able to get a satisfactory settlement for Frank. He sat down with us after his case settled and talked about his experience as a Jones Act client. 

He says, "I've been in the oilfield for 14 years. Lost of people get discouraged when you get hurt out there. They tell you if you get injured to not get an attorney, that the company will take care of you. That you're going to lose your case. That is not true. You have rights. You have the right to get your case taken care of. The process is long, but be patient. As long as you do everything right, the lawyer will take care of you. Don't ever think you can't ever win your case. I'm a living witness. You can win your case."

If you are afraid you're being blackballed by the maritime industry after your work injury, there are ways you can protect your career and your financial future. Remember, it won't cost you any money to talk to an experienced maritime attorney about your situation who can help you determine your best course of action. 

Frank went on to say, "This settlement is a wonderful thing for me. I can set up a college fund for my kids, start over, get another job, go back to work, take a vacation, and go on with my life." For Frank and other maritime workers, an injury can be career-ending, but if you act to make sure your rights are protected, your story could have a similar ending as Frank's. 

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