ENSCO Rig Hand Talks About how Brian Helped Him Win His Jones Act Case: "He's A Wonderful Guy."

Keidron was working for ENSCO Offshore when he suffered a back injury that ended his maritime career. After his case was over, he sat down to talk about his injury and his experience working with our firm:

"I grew up in a little town called Ville Platte, Louisiana. I found out about the oil industry because there's a lot of people from Ville Platte that work out there, especially my friends, uncles, and dads. I started off on the paint crew, and that's the lowest crew. And they seen my work performance and I moved up to a roustabout and then I moved up to a roughneck and then I was on my way to being a derrickhand. 

"I said right about noon, right about lunchtime, I felt a pop. I knew something wasn't right. I felt a pop in my back. And I laid down, woke up at ten that night and it was worse. And at ten o'clock I told a supervisor about it, a driller, and a toolpusher. And they told me to go see the medic the next morning at six o'clock when we got off. And they just gave me a heating pad and some tylenol or ibuprofen. So I just stuck it out for that whole week, but it was pain I had to deal with for a whole week. 

"I thought it was a pulled muscle at the time, but come to find out it was a messed up disc, so you could imagine the pain working like that for a whole week."

Keidron hired us after he got back to shore and had a run-in with a maritime claims adjuster who asked him too many questions and too many accusatory questions about his back injury. His wife got suspicious of the company's motives and called us to find out if we could help Keidron get better. They hired us, Brian took the lead on his case and got Keidron the medical care he needed for his back. Brian was able to settle Keidron's Jones Act case within 9 months of Keidron hiring the firm. 

When asked about how Brian helped him, Keidron said, "There's no words that I can say to express how I really feel about him for what he did for me and my family. You know, there's really no words, there's nothing I can put into words to really tell how much he did for us. All I can really do is pray for him. Pray that he stays the person he is and never changes, because he's a wonderful guy, truthfully."

Brian Beckcom
Highest Possible 10/10 AVVO ranking. Husband. Father. Fisherman.