Chemical Process Operator Thanks VB Attorneys for Helping him win his Case

In 2011, an explosion occurred at the natural gas storage facility where Gary worked. He was hurt trying to escape the blast and ensuing fire. He and forty one of his coworkers filed a suit against the facility and the company who had been doing maintenance work on section of pipe that exploded. After four years, a settlement was reached and Gary sat down to talk about his experience hiring us for his case:

"I just want to say thank you to the law firm of VB Attorneys. I was hurt in an accident in 2011 and I was referred to this attorney because they thought - they knew - that this firm was a very good firm. And I'm that they did refer me to them. It's been about four years with this case. It's been a drawed-out, long ordeal, but the law firm of VB Attorneys helped me through this process, this lengthy process, in a smooth-process way. I very much want to thank the attorney, Kenneth, for his help and his concern and his caring about my well being just as well. He didn't look at me just as a person of gain, he looked at me as his friend. And I appreciate that."

Brian Beckcom
Highest Possible 10/10 AVVO ranking. Husband. Father. Fisherman.