The Story of How Captain Wren Thomas Was Captured by Pirates Find out what happened to Captain Wren Thomas and his crewmembers when pirates came aboard his ship. Watch this video to hear from Captain Thomas about the traumatic experience he went through during the pirate attack on his ship off the West Coast of Africa.

On the morning of October 23, 2013, around three o’clock in the morning, Captain Wren Thomas awoke to his chief officer beating on his door—alerting him that pirates were on board and they needed to get to the Bulk Tank Room. Most of the crew hid in this room, as it was the closest thing they had to a secure room. After pirates cut their way in with a grinder and sledge hammer, they were able to bend the steel door enough to get a riffle barrel in the room and started shooting. Because Captain Thomas didn’t want his crew to die, he surrendered so the pirates would stop shooting. The Nigerian pirates captured Captain Thomas and his engineer and held them at gunpoint for 18 days until they received a ransom.

If you were sent into pirate-infested waters without adequate protection, you may be a victim of maritime piracy. As a survivor of a pirate attack, you may suffer from trauma for life, which is why you should find out how you can hold your employers responsible for your physical and psychological damages. Contact VB attorneys, who is representing Captain Thomas, and we can put our experience towards working for you. We can be reached at 877-724-7800 or online at

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